Carol Ann Rodgers Hill is a divorced single mom by circumstance, a Systems Engineer by trade, a genealogist by hobby, and a writer by calling.  Baptized in 1984 at the age of 24, Carol has learned to strengthen her Christian walk through consistent study of the Bible, fellowship with other believers, committing to daily devotion time, and building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Carol is proud mom of Jeremiah, a 20-year-old with Down syndrome.

Immediately following college graduation in 1981, Carol focused on building a strong career. Armed with a BS in Engineering and an MBA in Management Information Systems, Carol commanded high salaries in Corporate America as a Business Systems Analyst, Project Manager, and Consultant. After 15 years of literally "being married to her career," Carol began to seek bigger answers. It was then the Lord put on her heart to be a wife and mother. Unfortunately, she didn't wait on the Lord to tell her who that husband would be, so she picked one herself.

After being married only 18 months, her husband had just left her when she found out she was pregnant with Jeremiah. Carol was able to be a stay-at-home mom for 3 years by selling her home, moving in with her parents, and building a Mary Kay business to support herself and her newborn son.  It was after Jeremiah was born that Carol found out he had Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect. Through Jeremiah's 30-day hospital stay, Carol found faith that could move mountains.

About the books, she says, "Being a late-comer to the Christian faith, and a scholar of the Living Word, I wanted to pass on many things I've learned that would have been very helpful to have known much earlier in my life. I may have chosen not to be obedient to God's Plan, but without knowledge, I didn't even have the opportunity to make a conscientious choice. Our mothers didn't talk about sex, and neither did their mothers. But God has designed sex to be a beautiful, wonderful thing, which when taken out of His framework is sordid and painful.

I want our younger women and girls to avoid the unnecessary pain I went through all my life. I want them to know God's truth.