Plain talk on God's plan for sex and relationships.

Having multiple sex partners prior to marriage only helps men and women practice for divorce. It’s time to take back our dignity, our self-esteem, our honor. It is time to put human sexuality back in the reverent state where it was before the sexual revolution. It is time to put marriage back into a position of honor and integrity by keeping the marriage bed pure. It is time to acknowledge that God has a perfect plan. It is a plan of inexplicable pleasure and lifelong bonding that results from monogamous, heterosexual, marital sex.

*NOTE:  This is a flip book.  Translated into Spanish on reverse side.

"The book answered so many questions that I had about sex: what God will accept, what God won't accept.  It let me know that sex does not come first in love. Your book has inspired me to follow God's plan for me. I never imagined myself getting married, but I feel closer to the Lord now more than ever, knowing that He wants the best for me.  Thank you again for letting me know that I'm not the only one going through crazy emotions. You are a true testimony. God bless you. Thank you for giving me guidelines to pass on to my daughter." 

Nina T.


Your book has been wonderful to read. You are very candid about your life and that is greatly appreciated. I really admired that you mention aspects of dating and relationships that are seldom discussed in most African American churches. For example, in the world, people go from one person to the next, hoping to find that perfect person through dating. As a result, rather than waiting and trusting in God to direct them in that area, people attach themselves emotionally and physically to someone they were never destined to be with in the first place.  Then, they end up carrying emotional pain and baggage to the next person. Therefore, it was refreshing to observe that someone values God's will above anything, especially in the area of relationships.

Candace B.


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